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Bodle Integrative Health

Dr. Brad Bodle DC, DACNB specializes in helping patients find solutions to chronic and unresolved thyroid symptoms. By taking the time to listen and understand your health concerns, completing a thorough exam, and utilizing the most comprehensive labs available, we can truly get to the root of your health problem and provide you with the answers and care you deserve.

Helping those with thyroid symptoms get answers and results in the Seattle, Washington area!

Dr. Brad Bodle can help! The team at Bodle Integrative Health is committed to helping you understand your health problems, give you the help you need, and transform your life. We are the doctors who you can trust to solve your chronic thyroid and metabolic conditions.

Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms?

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Weight gain (even with a good diet and exercise)

  • Brain fog

  • Generalized joint and muscle pain

  • Digestive issues

  • Hair loss

  • Brittle or weak nails

  • Depression

  • Constipation

If any of the above symptoms sound familiar to you, we may be able to help! We have advanced knowledge and clinical experience when it comes to improving the lives of those with chronic and unresolved thyroid problems. We do this via natural methods that get to the root cause of the problem.

Enjoying Outdoor

There is hope if you're suffering from unresolved thyroid problems and associated symptoms!

Many people seek care at our office because they have previously been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, have been prescribed medication for it, but their symptoms continue to persist. Additionally, it is common for patients to come in with many thyroid symptoms, but they are told by their primary physician that their TSH and other thyroid lab values are "normal." No matter what grouping you fall into, unfortunately, you often don't feel "normal" or "healthy."

The thyroid gland has complex interactions with all systems in our body. Therefore, it is important to work with a practitioner who is an expert in thyroid care and can understand how every aspect of thyroid physiology works.

Believe it or not, changes in other body systems such as blood sugar, liver function, gut and digestive changes, brain function, adrenal stress, can all have a profound impact on the way our thyroid works. It is important to take all areas of the body into account when determining the best course of care that is specific to you.

The care you receive at Bodle Integrative Health is just as unique as you!

Every individual is different and therefore requires a care plan that is specific to them. To determine this, we use comprehensive testing that involves advanced blood labs, an extensive history, and a thorough exam that looks at everything from brain physiology to orthopedics to neurological function and more.

Once we compile as much diagnostic material as possible, we then bring all that information together, sit down and discuss with you exactly what is going wrong, and provide you with an action plan.

Often times, your care will involve functional neurology and brain based treatments, functional medicine and supplemental recommendations, and any necessary physical or manual treatments.  We utilize a number of different care options and provide you with what your body needs, rather than try to fit it into system that might not work for you.

If you’ve been to doctor after doctor and have not received the answers you are looking for, we can help.


We take a unique approach with our patients that is unlike any other practitioners in Seattle or Washington…we get to the root cause of your condition and work to get you solutions.



Call (206) 824-8464 or email to see if you qualify for thyroid care at Bodle Integrative Health

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